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online security & privacy

Browse with more privacy — install Avast’s security & privacy extension

Add essential protection against malicious websites and phishing, secure your browsing data, and get step-by-step privacy guidance. Our free browser extension is the perfect privacy starterpack.

Easily avoid malicious websites and phishing scams
Block online trackers and browse anonymously
Optimize your privacy settings on your favorite platforms
Take the hassle out of website cookie permissions

This is also important nowadays, hackers always infiltrate social media websites and apps which is annoying.


Personal protection and privacy are paramount to keep family and home lifestyle from interference and harmful and intrusive intent.


Very important to have access to privacy settings and being shown which settings are the best for safe use.


I think social media sites are intentionally making it harder to navigate the privacy settings me up to provide more personal info they can monetize.

Security features
Security features

Secure your browser against online threats and phishing scams

Security features
Enjoy an extra level of real-time threat protection, every time you browse.
Phishing protection – identify and block phishing scams in seconds.
Safe searches – get safer search engine results that show which sites are safe and which aren’t, before you visit them.
Secure browsing – get real-time threat alerts when you come into contact with a suspicious web page.
Privacy features
Privacy features

Keep your online activities private and anonymous

Privacy features
Keep your online activity hidden, block online snoops, and get step-by-step privacy advice.
Anti-tracking – prevent tracking on every websites you visit.
Ads opt-out – send requests to specific advertisers to stop using your data.
Global Privacy Control – stop web companies from collecting and selling your personal data. Learn more.
Privacy Advisor – optimize your privacy settings in seconds, across your favorite platforms, guided by our Privacy Advisor.
Cookie Manager – let Avast deal with your cookie permissions.
Cookie Manager
New feature Cookie Manager

Make dealing with website cookies easy

Cookie Manager
Take all the hassle out of dealing with cookie permissions every time you visit websites. Let Avast’s Cookie Manager do it for you.
Avoid seeing and dealing with annoying cookie pop-ups.
Auto accept or decline cookies — set it and forget it.
Save time and avoid thousands of unnecessary clicks while you browse.
Privacy advisor
Privacy advisor

Now you can easily optimize your privacy settings

Privacy advisor
Get privacy advice and easily manage your privacy settings across your favorite online platforms, with guidance from our new Privacy Advisor feature.

...Sometimes you are in these settings and you get lost, this is really a help that reinforces that we are moving forward in the online privacy.

Avast user

...it’s nightmare to search for privacy settings on Google...So this is handy.

Avast user

...this is good, you can take an action on those settings. It’s like a friend that walks you through the specifics from the beginning to the end.

Avast user

...I don’t go to the privacy settings everyday. Every time I go there it feels it’s the first time. This is good, it walks me through it, it’s efficient and it goes to the heart of it...

Avast user


Get privacy and security tips, straight from the experts


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